Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett


Let's go on a weed walk at the Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary, in New Paltz, NY! 

Come delight in the discovery that wild food and herbal medicine is all around us wherever we live. Enjoy an uplifting and sensory educational experience identifying, sniffing, and tasting the wild local plants that are often dismissed as mere weeds. The plants you likely spend hours pulling out of your garden may become your new best friends when you discover that plantain stops the itch of a mosquito bite, dandelion leaves strengthen kidneys and ease blood pressure, and violets are rich in salicylic acid and can reduce headache pain! Nature is a marvelous teacher and ally and Robin Rose has been leading people on “weed walks” for 30 years. This will be a relaxing stroll through lawn and gardens and fun for all ages. 

$35 adults, children under 12 free, and 12-18 or students are $17

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