Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett

Meet Robin,

Some of my favorite words are freedom, truth, beauty, creativity, generosity, magic, compassion, and fun. Love is the essential word, the essence of life. Love is what makes life joyful and juicy.

I left my home in suburbia after talking my way into university at 16, and at 19 I left again, this time to travel in the mid-east and Europe with my best friend by my side and a pack on my back. Then I continued on alone, for months, a turning point for the shy girl I was back then, and, though often lonely and scared, I fell deeply in love with Nature.

Upon my return to the U.S. I delved into my studies - writing, meditation, theater, dream work, moon magic, elementals, the Goddess, and of course, herbal medicine.

In the late 1980's I founded WiseWoman Healing ways and began to teach what I'd been learning.

I love to sing, drum, and perform, to guide meditations and rituals, and I incorporate all of these elements and more into my teaching.

I've been blessed to study with brilliant herbalists and spiritual teachers, including the plants themselves, and through re-connecting with Nature I've found contentment and community. I've slowly but surely found my way into a beloved relationship with being in a body on our beautiful home planet, Earth, in respect and kinship with all beings.





The plants are the most generous of beings - teachers, healers and friends. Let me teach you to listen to them, to appreciate and use them well. These wise elders will guide you on your unique path of healing your mind, body, heart and soul, and as we heal ourselves we heal the world.

Blessed Be