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Big Little Herbal Tips: St. J’s (Hypericum androsaemum)

By Robin Bennett
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On August 13, 2020

St. J’s Wort (Hypericum androsaemum)

Also called Tutsan, Shrubby St. John's Wort, and sweet-amber.

Widely known for its ability to help mild-to-moderate depression, this beautiful ally also offers the gifts of skin protection, pain relief and nerve repair and is a potent antiviral.

Use the recipe below when your nerves feel frazzled and raw, when you are feeling fried and short circuited from grief, shock or anger, or you can't stop thinking and you're not sleeping well.

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Calm Those Frazzled Nerves Tincture Blend - Variation II

1 part St. J's wort tincture
1/2 part Skullcap tincture
1/4 part California poppy tincture

Mix these tinctures into hot water. It is very effective for helping anyone who is frazzled. If giving it to a distressed child or an elder start with small amounts, such as 5 drops of St. J's, 2 drops of Skullcap, and 1 drop of California poppy...you can always increase them. Sometimes you need to increase/decrease to find the right dosage. The range of what is acceptable is broad. An example of a large but still safe dosage is up to a teaspoon of St. J's (roughly 125 drops) and a half-teaspoon of Skullcap (though with Skullcap, smaller quantities are usually more sedative than larger ones) and half-teaspoon of California poppy (here the higher quantity is potentially
more sedative).


(excerpt from the "The Gift of Healing Herbs") 🌿

“This is such a helpful book. I was fortunate to attend a workshop taught by Robin Rose Bennett and learned so much that I had to grab her book. Although I already know quite a bit about herbal medicine, it's handy to have a guide for some quick recipes/ideas for routine kinds of things. I really like her straightforward, simple approach. Most of her recipes require just a couple of herbs, most easily obtained from a local herb store or online, and they work amazingly well.” Jackie D.

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