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The Gift of Goldenrod

By Robin Bennett
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On July 02, 2013




It's nearing the end of goldenrod season so if you haven't yet gathered any of this abundant plant, this is a great time to

do that!

Gather the flowering stalks of any species of goldenrod

(Solidago species). Pick the sunniest yellow flowers you can


I gather the upper third or so of the stalk, and include the

leaves, stalks and flowers in all my medicinal preparations, as

well as for  my dried goldenrod. I like to dry some for winter

teas that help in healing the flu. I steep this tea for about 20

minutes and it is helpful with fever and aches and pains. I also

make goldenrod tincture, honey, vinegar and oil with it. In any

of these forms goldenrod is down-right miraculous for helping

the symptoms of  pollen allergies like ragweed in fall and oak

flowers in spring. Used the season before your allergies, it can

actually help heal them, used along with other wise woman

ways such as spending  more time outdoors and tending to

your food choices wisely.


Today's project is infused goldenrod oil...

...it's pain relieving for muscle strains and sprains and general aches

and pains from overuse.

Fill a clean dry jar with fresh goldenrod, as described above, torn or

cut into small pieces. Cover the plant material with olive oil, poking

it down with a chop stick to remove air bubbles. When the jar is full

to the rim, cap it, and label it with the name of the plant and the

date and any other details you'd like to include. After about 6 weeks,

pour the oil through a strainer or piece of cheesecloth, squeeze the

herbs to get every bit of oil you can, and compost the herbs. Use the

beautiful golden-colored goldenrod oil freely on your skin and sore

muscles, or add a couple of tablespoons of oil to a bathtub. It is not

only pain-relieving, but the radiance of this sunny flower will fill

your being with golden light, too.


Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, teacher, green witch, herbalist, and a wisewoman… one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us. She has been a practicing herbalism for over 30 years, based in New Jersey & NYC. Robin focuses on the spiritual and ecological lessons of plants and treatment of illness.